Have A Look On The Top Android Apps

by suman - on Sep 12th 2013 - No Comments

If you are using Android phone then you should know the top apps for Android.Here I am posting an updated list of  the top Android Apps which has been officially downloaded more than 50,000,000 times in Google play store.This is a screen-scraped data  from Google Web Search and the Google Play store. Click on the image for full view App...

How to create double Exposure Effect in Photoshop

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Are you crazy to learn some new tutorials in Photoshop.All right,today I am all here with a new tutorial.In this tutorial I will tell how to create double Exposure Effect in Photoshop easily.I will use Photoshop and some stock photos to create double exposure effect.Don’t panic,it is simple though it takes some time to adjust the...

How to improve your research efforts with WikiTube

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If you are using Google chrome then here is a new extension for you which adds YouTube videos to Wikipedia pages.All we know we spend hours and hours to get some information about  something we are researching for.But now these two sites have just arrived together to  provide a wealth of information for research purposes.Yes,it is WikiTube,a...

How to create a Windows 8 USB recovery drive

by suman - on Sep 8th 2013 - 2 Comments
windows 8 image

If you are using Windows 8 and some problems arise while using your computer,then you need to repair it without losing data.Yes,a bootable Windows 8 recovery drive  will help you to do that by restoring your PC.A  bootable USB flash drives would be much more convenient than ecovery DVD and are fairly inexpensive. Steps to create Windows...

Infographic: The World’s Response to Yahoo’s New Logo Campaign

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yahoo new logo

Recently Yahoo launched its new logo. Synthesio put their Global Listening Platform to work monitoring, collecting and analyzing all global mentions from across all social and mainstream media about Yahoo’s new logo campaign during the 30 days of polling and about the new logo since it was announced.This infographic shows all the data,...

How to print to your Mac’s printer from anywhere

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mac printer3

If you want to print some important data from your home network or attached to your Mac at work, then Apple recently added iOS printing capability to Print from Anywhere service.The main advantage of this service is now you can easily print from your personal computer, laptop or mobile devices to multifunction printers located in computer...

Galaxy Gear smartwatch apps keep you fit, social, in-the-know

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Galaxy gear

Samsung is going to lunch its most awaited Galaxy Gear Smartwatch soon.It has got some amazing apps to attract people to it .It will come with 70 apps and during its demo lunching it has highlighted that most of the apps comes from some big companies like Evernote,Path, e-Bay and many more. Though Sony had already arrived with its smartwatch2...

How to migrate data to Moto X from your old device

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Motorola a Google company

We live in a generation where smartphone plays a vital role in our lives and from those smartphones, Android is one of the best operating systems we are using.But sometimes we  get bored by using old,slower nearly not good looking Android device.And that time we step up to upgrade it to a newer more faster devices and we won’t...

How to Draw Realistic Eyes in Photoshop

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Well,it’s been a long time and we are back again with lots of tips and tutorials for you guys.Hope you all doing great.Eyes play a great role in every character and illustration.So in this tutorial I am going to tell you how to create realistic eyes in Photoshop.Beginners can draw it without difficulties. Let’s get started: Step-1:Start...

Infographic on Facebook Privacy Failure(Infographic)

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Privacy is a kind of one-step-forward, one-step-sideways dance for Facebook as it navigates its own uncharted waters around the social world.Facebook took steps to address this kind of problem last week, when it released a new privacy dashboard —written in the plainest English possible. But at the same time, its subsidiary company Instagram...

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